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44 edicion FICIE

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FICIE 43rd edition


In turn, a contest is opened to solve the festival’s advertising poster. BBAA students enrolled in any course of this degree may participate in this contest at the Miguel Hernandez University, Altea campus. As a theme we have proposed “Fall in love with Cinema”. Take a look at the bases and participate. Rules Advertising Contest

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Congratulations to the winners

This year, despite the peculiarity of the situation, the 44th edition of our film festival has been a complete success.

Do not miss the list of winners of this year.

We want to thank everyone for their participation and collaboration. 

Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Elche

Official Section

We already have the complete Official Section.
Congratulations to selected!

  • El barbero by Bruno Rey. Argentina. 22,19 minutes.
  • Dama Blanca by Elena Marcelo. Spain. 14,13 minutes.
  • La ca√≠da del vencejo by Gonzalo Quincoces. Spain. 13,49 minutes.
  • Pierde turno by Jos√© Estella Hern√°ndez. Spain. 8,37 minutes.
  • H√°bitat by Jaime A. Calachi. Spain. 10,34 minutes.
  • El Rey de las Flores by Alberto Velasco. Spain. 13,01 minutes.
  • Europa by Edson Celulari. Brazil. 17,05 minutes.
  • Mi primera opci√≥n by Carlota Callen. Spain. 5,56 minutes.
  • Club Silencio by Irene Albanell Mellado. Spain. 18,33 minutes.
  • La resaca by Pablo L√≥pez Embid. Spain. 6,48 minutes.
  • Sol Sol by √Ālex Arroyo. Spain. 10,4 minutes.
  • Absurdo by √Ālex Garrido. Spain. 9,28 minutes.
  • Nosotros, las bestias by Marcelo Landaeta. Bolivia. 14,57 minutes.
  • Setmana Santa by Gerard Mir√≥. Spain. 9,26 minutes.
  • Tiempo muerto by Charel Fabry. France/Spain. 7,36 minutes.
  • Sin Huella by √Āngel Moya. Spain. 15,25 minutes.
  • ¬ŅQu√© hacemos con pap√°? by Alberto Sola. Spain. 12,3 minutes.
  • Cuesta by Mar√≠a Monreal. Spain. 3,05 minutes.
  • Maite by Xabier Larraz√°bal. Spain. 13,16 minutes.

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  • Vecinoooooo by Paco Le√≥n. Spain. 10,58 minutes.
  • Body Milk by Marta Closas. Spain. 8,41 minutes.
  • La etimolog√≠a del recuerdo by Juan Fleta. Spain. 3,07 minutes.
  • Ahizpa by Rom√°n Reyes. Spain. 13 minutes.
  • Teratoma by Renata De L√©lis. Brazil. 14,26 minutes.
  • Adarrak by David R.L. Spain. 7,5 minutes.
  • Fantasmas by Natalia Varela y Diego Escobar. El Salvador. 4,33 minutes. Winner of the Cinephone Film Festival 2020.

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  • Homeless Home by Alberto V√°zquez. France/Spain. 15,39 minutes.
  • Just a Guy by Shoko Hara. Japan. 14,58 minutes.
  • Souvenir Souvenir by Bastien Dubois. France. 15,09 minutes.
  • Navozande, the musicien by Reza Riahi. Iran. 14,55 minutes.
  • Wayback by Carlos Salgado. Spain. 8 minutes.
  • Coffin by Yuanqing CAI, Nathan CRABOT, Houzhi HUANG, Mikolaj JANIW, Mandimby LEBON, Th√©o TRAN NGOC. France. 5,23 minutes.
  • The Monkey Xos√© by Manuel Zapata P√©rez. Spain. 16,3 minutes.
  • Le sourire de la courgette by Lucas ANSART . France. 7,17 minutes.
  • 100,000 Acres of Pine by Jennifer Alice Wright. Denmark. 7,21 minutes.
  • Filles bleues, peur blanche by Marie Jacotey & Lola Halifa-Legrand. France. 9,51 minutes.
  • Yes People by G√≠sli Darri. Iceland. 8,35 minutes.¬†Winner of Reykjavik Film Festival 2020.

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  • Track by J. RAM√ďN D√ćA CASTEL. Spain. 11,36 minutes.
  • Confinados con una ni√Īa de 4 a√Īos by Pol Mallafr√© Fernandez. Spain. 5,51 minutes.
  • Narote by DAVID VAZQUEZ VAZQUEZ. Spain. 18,46 minutes.
  • Entre nosotros by Fernanda Guti√©rrez. Chile. 17,16 minutes.
  • PACHA KUTI: THE GOLDEN PATH by REED RICKERT. Peru. 6,22 minutes.
  • Made In by Eva Mar√≠n. Spain. 10,13 minutes.
  • La calle tiene magia by Gerardo Yllera y Fl√°vio Sousa. Spain. 14,36 minutes.
  • LA PESCA EN LA ENCA√ĎIZADA by Ram√≥n Font. Spain. 16,55 minutes.
  • We have a dream by SATOKO KOJIMA HOSHINO. Spain. 6,56 minutes.
  • Wellness by N√ļria Gebell√≠ Guinjoan, Diego V√©liz, Maricella Vilca y Jose Javier Castro. Spain. 14,56 minutes.
  • 57 d√≠as by Mario Lumbreras GonzaŐĀlez y Laura Brasero BlaŐĀzquez. Spain. 14,2 minutes.
  • Salvaje by Ra√ļl Gonz√°lez. Spain. 6,54 minutes.
  • Kirolak by Ibon Landa. Spain. 2,46 minutes.
  • DIYSEX by Maria Lorente, Juno √Ālvarez, Yaiza De Lamo, Mariona V√°zquez. Spain. 24,14 minutes.

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  • Gods daughter dances by Sungbin BYUN. South Corea. 24,53 minutes.
  • Votamos by Santiago Requejo L√≥pez-Mateos. Spain. 13,57 minutes.
  • El sistema by Joan √Ālvarez. Spain. 10,56 minutes.
  • Teslimat by dońüuŇü √Ėzokutan. Cyprus/Turkey/Syria. 11,55 minutes.
  • Los honores by Sergio Barrej√≥n. Spain. 14,03 minutes.
  • The last ship by Kiarash Ardeshirpour. Iran. 1,11 minutes.
  • La traves√≠a by Edio Raven. Venezuela. 19,25 minutes.
  • Dana by Luc√≠a Forner Segarra. Spain (Elche). 18,44 minutes.
  • 77 by Ra√ļl Mancilla. Spain. 7,29 minutes.
  • Personae by R√©my Rondeau. France. 17,3 minutes.
  • Una historia azul by M√≥nica Lilac. Spain. 18,15 minutes.
  • Elas by Aaron Siebert Sio. Spain. 19,55 minutes.
  • Calvario by Lluis Margarit Vallcorba. Spain. 12,35 minutes.
  • Space Frankie by David Valero Sim√≥n. Spain (San Vicente). 17,27 minutes.
  • Marinera de Luces by Pablo Quijano. Spain. 24,5 minutes.
  • Este verano y el resto by Daniel Toledo Saura. Spain. 14,49 minutes.
  • Pleasewait by I√Īaki Reyna. Spain/Myannmar. 14,33 minutes.
  • Eva¬īs Comet by Jd Shapiro and Alfonso Antolin. Spain. 22,17 minutes.
  • Imposible decirte adi√≥s by Yolanda Centeno. Spain. 15,42 minutes.
  • Migrations by Jerome Peters. Belgium. 14,3 minutes.
  • Farrucas by Ian de la Rosa. Spain. 17,23 minutes.
  • Mirage by Sil Van Der Woerd. Netherlands. 15,06 minutes.
  • Barras by Waleed Zedaney. Palestine. 3,02 minutes.
  • C√≥mplices by Ruben Guindo. Spain. 19,56 minutes.
  • Ascenso by Juanjo Gim√©nez. Spain. 14,55 minutes.
  • Nhoa by Rom√°n Reyes. Spain. 8,02 minutes.
  • Sintra III by Aitor Echeverr√≠a e Iv√°n Casaj√ļs. Spain. 11,36 minutes.
  • A la cara by Javier Marco. Spain. 13,34 minutes.
  • La √ļltima partida by Luis Belda. Spain(Alicante). 17,09 minutes.
  • Cinquillo by In√©s Mu√Īoz. Spain (Elche). 5,47 minutes. Winner of¬† Mostra de Cinema Jove d¬īElx 2021.

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  • Goodnight Spa by Emilio Gallego y Jes√ļs Gallego. Valencia. 6,57
  • Los patos by √Āngela Arregui. Valencia. 6,56 minutes.
  • Rutina: La prohibici√≥n by Sam Ort√≠. Valencia. 8,16 minutes.
  • Proceso de Selecci√≥n by Carla Pereira Docampo. Valencia. 2,3
  • La casa de Coto by Guillermo Alcal√°-Santaella. Alicante. 10,3 minutes.
  • Los perros ladran by Sergio Serrano. Valencia. 7,34 minutes.
  • Algoritmo by Yuri Aguilar. Valencia. 2,58 minutes.

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Poster Winner

In turn, a contest is opened to solve the festival’s advertising poster. Students may participate in this contest
of BBAA enrolled in any course of this degree at the Miguel Hernandez University, Altea campus.
As a theme we have proposed “Fall in love with Cinema”.

The winning proposal for the 44th Elche Film Festival was Agathe Pias, a third-year Fine Arts student at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.


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Festival Internacional de cine independiente de Elx

Festival rules

We already have the rules.

If you are an author and want to participate in the Elche International Independent Film Festival, we have all the information you should know: how to participate, the type of short film with which you can participate, when and what short films are screened, the categories, the awards…

Take a look at the rules and participate.

Registration deadline extended to May 10

Poster Contest

Have participated BBAA students enrolled in any course of this degree at the universities of the Valencian Community and the Murcia region.

The theme of the poster is ‚ÄėThe cinema goes with you‚Äô.

Find out who was in charge of selecting the Poster for the 44th Edition of the Elche International Film Festival – FICIE –

Take a look at the rules and participate.

Check out the program and the activities of the FICIE

The 44th edition of the Elche International Independent Film festival is here. We have already available  in our website all the program and activities that will take place between the 15st and 23rd of july so you can take a look and see the shorts than you must not miss.

Visit the exhibition Berlanga Ilustrado

The Fundaci√≥n Mediterr√°neo Exhibition Hall, within the framework of the 44th edition of the Elche International Independent Film Festival (FICIE), is hosting the traveling exhibition “Berlanga Ilustrado”. 34 posters, 17 films, organized by MAKMA, from July 16 to August 6.


43¬ļ edici√≥n del Festival Internacional de cine independiente de Elx

Planing the 43ª EDITION .

We are fully in preparation for what will be the 43rd edition of the Elche International Independent Film Festival.
We are excited and passionate about starting, once again, the machinery that will fill us with new dreams throughout this new year 2020.

Vote for Whatsapp

This year a WhatsApp voting system has been implemented.

At the end of the screenings you can vote for the short film that you liked the most by sending a WhatsApp to639 634 790 . 

Only one vote is allowed per phone number.

A security protocol has been established during the screening days and during the closing ceremony.

Please follow the instructions both for access and during the festival to maintain for the good of all.

From 16 to  23 of July 2021

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